Lyricist Harry Bache Smith was born in Buffalo, New York on December 28, 1860.

In his early career, Smith was a music critic for the Chicago Daily News and later a drama critic for the Chicago Tribune. Smith moved to New York City and began collaborating on Broadway scores with composers Reginald De Koven, Victor Herbert, Jerome Kern, Sigmund Romberg and Ted Snyder.

His stage scores include those for Whirl-i-Gig, The Enchantress, Love O’ Mike, Three Little Girls, The Begum, Don Quixote, Robin Hood, Jupiter, The Algerian, Rob Roy, The Wizard of the Nile, The Serenade, The Highwayman, The Fortune Teller, The Rounders, Papa’s Wife, The Casino Girl, The Strollers, Liberty Belies, The Little Duchess, The Billionaire, The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer, The Persian Model, Ziegfeld Follies (1907, 1908, 1909, 1910 and 1912), Little Nemo, Miss Innocence, The Siren, The Doll Girl, The Rambler Rose, Ladies First, The Love Song, Princess Flavia, Naughty Riquette, Countess Maritza, The Circus Princess, White Lilacs, The Wild Rose, Spring Maid, The Red Rose, The Rose Maid, The Girl from Utah, Sybil, Angel Face, Caroline, The Love Call, The Red Robe, Nearly a Hero, Watch Your Step, Stop! Look! Listen!, Sweetheart Time, Gaby, Sweethearts and A Lonely Romeo.

Smith is also the author of several novels including his autobiography, First Nights and First Editions, as well as introductions to Shakespeare and Dickens. He was also a charter member of the Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and served as a director from 1914-1917.

Song highlights from the Smith stage productions include “The Sheik of Aray”,…

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Discography Highlights

SHIEK OF ARABY, THE Ted Snyder, Francis Wheeler, Harry B. Smith
Snyder Ted Music Publishing Co./Jerry Vogel Music Co., Inc./EMI Mills Music, Inc.

TO THE LAND OF MY OWN ROMANCE Victor Herbert, Harry B. Smith
Witmark M & Sons

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