Abe Olman Publisher Award

Abe Olman Publisher Award


This award is given to publishers who have had a substantial number of songs that have become world-renowned and who have helped to further the careers and success of many songwriters. Past Awardees include the Aberbachs, who published many of the hits written by Leiber and Stoller and Doc Pomus/Mort Schuman; and Buddy Morris, who published hits by Jerry Herman, Jack Lawrence and Sammy Cahn.


2012 Lance Freed

2010 Keith Mardak

2009 Maxyne Lang

2008 Milt Okun

2007 Don Kirshner

2006 Allen Klein

2005 Beebe Bourne

2004 Les Bider

2003 Nicholas Firth

2002 Edward P. Murphy

2001 Ralph Peer

2000 Julian Aberbach

1999 Bill Lowery

1998 Irwin Z. Robinson

1997 Gene Goodman

1996 Freddy Bienstock

1995 Al Gallico

1994 Buddy Morris

1993 Berry Gordy

1992 Bonnie Bourne

1991 Jay Morgenstern

1991 Frank Military

1990 Martin Bandier

1990 Charles Koppelman

1988 Buddy Killen

1987 Lou Levy

1986 Leonard Feist

1983 Howard S. Richmond